Founded in 1989, Open House specializes in organizing banquets and social events. We offer a large selection of outstanding venues in Rio for cocktail parties and dinners. Among our clients are congress organizers, travel agents and Brazilian and foreign companies. We offer an outstanding list of venues, which include historical landmarks, museums, forts, clubs, hotels and private mansions. Our highly motivated staff plans and coordinates all the necessary details to create an unforgettable event. Décor, lighting, music, shows, tents, furniture and audio-visual equipment are some of the services we provide. A special partnership with Atelier Troisgros offers highest standard catering options. Count on our tent building company, Crystal Palace, to transform open areas into banquet or conference rooms. With our strict quality control and Rio’s best professionals among our suppliers, you can relax and enjoy your party.

Open House proudly offers Brazilian menus, with tropical colors and flavors, aside from international cuisine. In 1999 the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs chose Open House to organize social events for 44 Chiefs of State and 1500 participants. In 2012, once again Open House was chosen as the organizer of the luncheon for 144 Chiefs of State and 3000 participants of Rio+20. All social events and food services of the largest congress in Rio de Janeiro, the XIII World Congress of Cardiology, with 13.000 participants, were coordinated by Open House.

roberto hirth

Roberto “Bob” Hirth, founder and director of Open House, is an enthusiast of events and food.  Roberto graduated in Industrial Design and in 2001 he received a Horary Diploma in Event Management form the George Washington University.  He studied Cocktails and Drinks with Deise Novakovsky and French Cooking with Michel Augier at Le Saint Honoré.  Roberto is the president of Brazil’s most importante gourmet club, Companheiros da Boa Mesa.

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